Podcast Velebit – Sunic and Glasnovic: 
Croatian Diaspora; Return or Extinction?


In this episode of Podcast Velebit Dr. Tomislav Sunić spoke to Croatian Parliament Member Gen. Zeljko Glasnovic Ret.; this being an English version of an earlier broadcast in the Croatian language.

The program covers the subject of the large Croatian population living elsewhere in Western Europe, in overseas countries of North America, Latin America and Australia; and also of the Croatian population living in surrounding area, mainly in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a domicile population.

Sunic and Glasnovic put emphasis on the massive financial contribution and other forms of support of Croatian expatriates during the Croatian War of Independence (1991–1995).

They discuss the difficulties these emigrants currently face when dealing with the complex bureaucracy and corruption inherited from the communist regime of former Yugoslavia, when investing in Croatia or planning a permanent return to Croatia.

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