Podcast Velebit – Tomislav Sunić: “Hidden History”
(Origins of “Hate Speech”, cont. II )


Dr. T. Sunic, prods MP general Glasnovic into hidden history corners – history swallowed by political correctness  and Antifa propaganda since 1945.

What is historical revisionism?

Focus: Yugoslav communist mass killing fields of Croats and ethnic German civilians (1944-48); from Austria to eastern Croatia in the last days of WWII and thereafter, in what was to become communist Yugoslavia.

Self-censorship of Western academics. Why?

Newspeak: Smearing, vilifying, demonizing, libeling free thinkers.

Dr. Sunic’s book in English on “thought police” – on display and sale. “Postmortem  Report” https://arktos.com/product/postmortem-report/

The Commissar is back in Town.  Some names of new  political-cultural inquisitors  in Croatia and the Parliament 

Why are post-WW2 communist crimes being less and less covered by modern historians?

How to combat memory holes?

Postmortem Report

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