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U Canberri Željko Glasnović svečano položio vijenac za ratne žrtve Hrvatske i Australije

Umirovljeni general HV i HVO Željko Glasnović, saborski zastupnik za dijasporu, prvi je u povijesti postojanja Republike Hrvatske bio službeni gost Australskom ratnom memorijalu (Australian War Memorial) u Canberri kada je sudjelovao u Obredu posljednje počasti (the Last Post*). U četvrtak 20. rujna 2018. godine...

Serbia Forces Croatian Operation Storm Into Intense False Memory Battlefield

Serbia’s president Aleksandar Vucic, upon his visit to Washington this week wasted no time to criticise the US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis for praising Croatia’s operation Storm. Straight-faced, Vucic continues to spread lies about the operation Storm saying that it caused deportation of 250,00 Serbs from Croatia. ...

One Place Of Execution Of More Than 40,000 Innocent Croats

By Roman Leljak - Translated into English by Ina Vukic According to testimonies about 40,000 Croats were liquidated at Kocevski Rog, about 5,000 Slovenian Home Guards, as well as some thousands of members of the Serbian and other nationalities. The liquidation was carried out by volunteers from the 11th Dalmatian brig...

Croatia 2032: Ghost Towns and Tumbleweeds?

The topic of demographics and the alarming rates of people, particularly the young, leaving Croatia in search of work and prosperity is, and has been for a few years now, on every government or opposition politician’s lips,  and the country’s president’s. But absolutely no national remedial strategies issued, absolutel...

Croatia: Project Velebit Joins Battle To Drive Out Ghost Of Communism From Constitution

For the survival and well being of a nation it is essential that all and each generation understand the meaning of the nation’s Constitution. As Aristotle wrote long ago: “It is useless to have the most beneficial laws, fully agreed upon by all who are members of the constitution, if they are not going to be traine...

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